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MITI Life Bamboo Standard Cap 500ml Water Bottle

MITI Life Bamboo Standard Cap 500ml Water Bottle

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Why are Bamboo Bottles expensive? 

This is a great question, Bamboo bottles are typically fashioned out of Bhaluka, a type of bamboo.  Creating a single bottle can take around 5 - 6 hours. This is one of the reasons why they are relatively more expensive to purchase as several steps are involved in the process. 

The pro's still outweigh the con's.....

Super strong. Bamboo is one of the strongest and most durable materials on the planet. Quick growing and renewable, low maintenance, low water footprint, versatile and  low carbon footprint.

Note: ONLY rinse the inside of the bottle to clean. AVOID soaking bamboo. NOT to be used in dishwasher. Not suitable for HOT water, please rinse with warm water before using.

Exterior shell made of natural finished bamboo with an interior robust silicon bladder for longevity.
Bottle Size: 500ml

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Other Advantages: 

Antibacterial:  Bamboo has no insects, rot and decay during the growth process, and has a good self-protection. It's anti-bacterial.  It resists external pests and diseases thanks to a substance called “bamboo kun”. This results in less  transmission of bacteria. The surface is also easy to clean and does not accumulate dust. 

Aesthetic: Bamboo has its unique, warm and natural appeal. It always gives a feeling of simplicity, elegance and freshness, with staggered bamboo joints used to emphasize its beauty.  

Physical properties : Bamboo is harder and denser than wood and has higher compressive and bending strength. 

Quieter: bamboo absorbs sound and noise, effectively eliminates noise and gives you a (silent) product, unlike other bottles on the market.

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